voices and expressions

Yesterday afternoon as I was driving up north to participate in a post-grad throwback (freelance landscaping while I was vying for employment), NPR had an imaginative show playing, which was simply a collection of random people telling interesting stories about their lives. I managed to chime in on a man named Justin talk about how he hunted down an identity theft that stole his information at a local Dominos establishment. It was equally humorous as it was serious, with him thoughtfully expressing the situation with both unexaggerated detail and tact.

Short after, the radio host expressed that they are always looking for stories to fill their air (it’s actually broadcast from public speaking seminars), and to be selected you had to have something that kept the audience clinging for more. That’s it. An engaging story. You didn’t even have to be audibly understandable, as the next guy who came on had a severely raspy voice that shooed me away (though I guess if you want people to hear your stories – not just personally tell them – I suppose a clear voice is a necessity, as well.)

What also has me thinking about this is a new book I picked up, suggested by boo, titled 7. It’s written by Jen Hatmaker, and in the format of a daily journal/blog as she documents her experiences of a progressive and radical lifestyle she attempts to live for seven months. And it’s brilliant. Not only does she have stories to tell – like we all do – but she has the voice to exalt them above what most all others are trying to speak or write. Moreover, it is an obviously natural voice, which I’m sure makes it easier for her to write, and more enjoyable for me to read.

All that to say, I think I’m going to try a different style of writing on this blog. Some of these posts, no matter the size, can take me up to three hours to write. I don’t have a lot of time to do that anymore, and I’d rather focus on my natural voice rather than a more formal, methodical writing style, which is something I instilled about two years ago. Who knows, perhaps all this formality is what I’ll eventually settle into! But for now, I’m curious what a capricious, boisterous blog will look like considering that’s an easy way to sum up my personality. Hopefully that will encourage me to write more, as well.

This post only took me 43 minutes to write, by the way. Looks like I’m getting better already.


~ by Chris Kyle on September 10, 2012.

3 Responses to “voices and expressions”

  1. i’m giggling a little. i look forward to these new, fun, zippy posts of yours.

  2. I’ve always admired your ability to write formally. Welcome to the wild side.

  3. nice work man. Blog’s gotta be you.

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