the humble(d)

Referenced by several friends as of recent, here’s a quote I greatly enjoyed from an interview by a significant blogger within my favored blogosphere community (Context being an interview with a gay Christian):

From Dawn: Given all the nasty rhetoric that has been aimed at the LGBT community — and in that sense, at you personally — by Christian and Christian political leaders, what is it about Christianity itself that’s so compelling that you haven’t been turned off completely by so many of its messengers?

One word: Jesus.

The church is human, and we make mistakes. Sometimes we don’t represent God very well at all. But Jesus represented God perfectly as the incarnation of God. He loved the people his culture didn’t love, he interacted with people he wasn’t supposed to interact with, and he refused to distance himself from the people others called “sinners.” Jesus’ harsh words were aimed at the religious leaders of his day who, in their zeal for correct doctrine, were pushing people away from God. He didn’t run for office or yell at sinners through a bullhorn. He loved, healed, and fed people, and then he let them beat him and hang him on a cross.

That’s my God.


I grew teary-eyed after reading that last line of humanity’s love and betrayal of our Savior. I still do now. If there are any people to help put in perspective the great depths of God’s love for us, found in the incarnation of Jesus Christ, it would be the ostracized, outcasts, minorities, oppressed, and poor. For they are the ones who show us just how much we need that love to thrive.

Glory is found in the humble(d).


~ by Chris Kyle on January 14, 2012.

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