of new beginnings

And 34 job applications resulting in 13 separate interviews at 5 different organizations later… I find myself gainfully employed. With a gracious employee referral by my beloved housemate and friend, Michael Frank, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center has hired me on as the Facilities Planning/Construction Program Assistant. I’ll have a vast array of responsibilities, some of which include clerical, accounting, and logistical work, as well as Sharepoint development and training.

The craziest part? I was interviewed on Friday, offered the job three hours later, and start tomorrow at 8AM! I always knew employment came swiftly, but I wasn’t expecting this. So in the morning I’ll be getting on a bus and commuting as a young professional semi-fresh out of college.

Again, thank you employers who kept me on as a painter even when you said you couldn’t afford it. I really appreciated that. However, I am more thankful than ever to have bagged up and thrown away the clothes I’ve been wearing to your respective houses for four months. It’s the start of a new era.

Thank You, Lord.


~ by Chris Kyle on October 23, 2011.

One Response to “of new beginnings”

  1. SO proud of you my dear friend. So excited for what is to come. 🙂

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