I had anticipated writing a blog about unemployment, the woes of it, and then how God miraculously and faithfully pulled me out of the slump to provide the ideal and perfect job I’ve been looking for. I thought I’d write the entry back in August. When that didn’t happen, I was sure September would be the time. And then late September. Early October?

It’s now the middle of October. No job. No benefits. No consistency. No coworkers. Just unemployment.

But when I look back on what this summer has entailed since graduation on June 12th, I can say in good conscience that the past four months have without a doubt provided me the best summer of my life. It’s been a process of working through emotions of shame and fear that I haven’t often been forced to confront. Thoughts of inadequacy seeped in daily. I felt plagued by always having to answer with the same bad news to anybody who hopefully asked what the job situation looked like.

However, so much life has gone on in the midst of these uncertainties. I’ve worked for a dozen different families, all of which are connected in some way or another to each other. It started with a simple phone call in response to a small painting job posting online by a woman named Mary, who later passed me off to a friend, and that friend passed me off to another friend, and so on. For two months I was in a low-income neighborhood – which, in fact, had the most diversity I’d ever seen on a single street – where I quickly became known as the “landscaper boy.” I’d find myself on a roof cleaning gutters, and then an hour later shoveling mulch into a woman’s car, which she later claimed not to be hers. People would bring me lemonade, and one employer cooked me lunch every day I worked for him. I passed as a house sitter, painter, landscaper, dog walker, and auto repair man. I learned more about various trades than I ever anticipated for myself coming out of college.

What had me realizing how fortunate I was, though, was getting off the phone with one man from the neighborhood last night. He asked how the job situation was, I gave him my usual news, and then he said he passed my name off to a woman he knows is hiring for her nonprofit. But that’s not what made my heart flutter. In closing the conversation he said the neighborhood is rooting for me, and to let them know right away when I get a job, because it’s got to be coming soon. I’ve had hundreds of conversations with these folk, and as far as I can tell, not a single one of them is a Christian, which oddly makes his comment all the more gratifying. Thank you, 25th Ave SW.

So as I go into the second half of this month, I do so unemployed, with no interviews currently lined up, and more job applications floating around the city than I care to recall. But most importantly, I do so with a God how is miraculous and faithful even when present circumstance isn’t ideal. This is my story, and I am more than willing to claim it.


~ by Chris Kyle on October 15, 2011.

3 Responses to “renewal”

  1. bro. Love the honesty. Tyler Gorsline said something to me once that I thought was worthwhile when I was looking for work. He said that if God wanted He could give me a job whenever He was going to. Since He hadn’t yet, my task was the same as it was with a job: to be faithful. I thought that was well said. You’re doing just that my friend. Keep up the awesome.

  2. Absolutely, totally, utterly, inescapably LOVE this post. It isn’t always WHAT we do in life (i.e. – the job) but HOW we do it and WHO we affect. God is smiling, I’m sure, son!

  3. …and that’s the extraordinary in the ordinary…sometimes we’re just doing our best to muddle through and God blesses us in a way unexpected right in the midst of it…because that’s where He is.

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