(empty and new)

I had something posted here originally for as good as a day, but decided it wasn’t what I wanted to say. The opening line I’ll allow to stay the same, but the concluding passages are going to change.

I learned something today that came at a cost I’m still working through, and may have to work through for quite some time:

Choosing the route of a martyr isn’t always going to coincide with that of God’s will. Especially if being the martyr is the end in and of itself. As hard as it is for me to admit, perhaps doing something a little less reckless, draining, and sacrificial can instead be the path God is edging me towards. At least right now.

I’ve never looked at life this way since becoming a Christian. But then again, life is becoming less and less “cookie-cutteresque” as the days go by, so perhaps this transition won’t be as paralyzing as I think.

And now, queue the sighs of relief from select friend and family members alike.


~ by Chris Kyle on September 19, 2011.

2 Responses to “(empty and new)”

  1. SIGH.

    Just happy you are learning to live freely and lightly. As am I.

  2. you are not alone friend. not in the slightest.

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