It’s over. My throwback to the middle school era of a book series I was never able to finish. But through the month of August and first week of September it was a faithful companion in both paper and audio form, turning my long days of painting into joyful memories of fantasy lands.

For any interested in reading it, I only have to say that the adventure leading up to the ending far surpasses the ultimate conclusion. It’s a phenomenal story playing with concepts that run deeper and more intimately with each continuing book. I simply wish the finale had a bit more substance in terms of character redemption and not revealing everything so abruptly.

Hopefully this isn’t dissuading. It really is a brilliant series.

And now with employment on the horizon I won’t be listening to audiobooks much longer; but for this (hopefully) last week of painting and landscaping, I’ve recently procured Lord of the Flies to see just how much of Nietzsche’s philosophies triumph and fail within each of us.


~ by Chris Kyle on September 11, 2011.

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