hey hey!

I’ve been without internet since my last posting, and as much as people talk about the freeing nature of taking technological Sabbaths, I think this point is only amiable when email isn’t as urgent as every day, face-to-face conversation. In other words – email’s become a necessity, especially when on the job hunt.

Here’s how life’s been going:

1)      Moved from the neighborhood of Magnolia to the intersecting points of the Fremont, Greenlake, and Ballard neighborhoods.

2)      Rah and I went to Alki beach – the first time I’ve ever been there.

3)      And after our long stay, we found a quasi-trashy sports bar to watch the BSU game. We’re 1-0, people. Bring on another great year.

4)      Tomorrow I shall finish painting the house I’ve been slaving over for the past two months. It’s come to an end. The final stretch.

5)      I had three interviews last week. Two were on Monday, which were first round interviews, one was at UGM for a final round on Thursday, and I got a call for a final round interview at SPU on Friday. However, that one is scheduled for next Monday, I’m afraid to say. But employment is coming swiftly, thankfully. I’m ready for a solid, consistent work schedule again.

6)      I started a new book: Aristotle’s Children. I plan on posting something about it later this month, and I’d really love to leave a quote to whet anybody’s appetite, but I’d have to provide too much context for it to make sense.

7)      Now I’m off to pick up my feisty woman and take her to a hardware store to fix my nightstand that got obliterated during the move-out. Except she doesn’t know we’re going yet.



~ by Chris Kyle on September 5, 2011.

One Response to “hey hey!”

  1. awesome…so, SPU, eh…It’ll be hard to escape this time. I’ll be asking you about it later tonight bro!

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