left side, strong side

My film prof recommended this article from Psychology Today to me a couple months ago right as I was leaving his house for our final exam (which consisted of pie, coffee, and discussing graduation endeavors).


I was the last to leave before he shouted, grabbed my arm, told me to wait, and ran back inside the house. He emerged shortly after and handed me a scanned copy of the article saying, “You’re in a serious relationship. You should read this.” It’s an excellent article, hence the blog advocacy.

He and I (and maybe Rah, if she can swing it), are going to see Rise of the Apes at some shoddy theatre in Belltown on Thursday. And next week he and I and a friend are hitting up Shark Attack 3D while we talk about his new book concerning Roger Ebert, scheduled to be published next fall. Joy.

I’ve got to run to an interview now. It’s my second of the day, surprisingly enough, and if all goes well I’ll get call backs for a third interview to both of them by the end of next week. What a process it’s been. Looks like painting is coming to a slow end. Prayers would be appreciated, if you feel so inclined.


~ by Chris Kyle on August 29, 2011.

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  1. will read and pray.

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