Sarah tipped me off to this article yesterday, which turned out to be much more than insightful:

Essentially, it talks about the split many evangelicals face today about distinguishing the message that both Paul and Jesus preach. Paul advocates for this concept of “justification by faith,” while Jesus seems primarily concerned with the Kingdom of Heaven. I believe it was the Second Great Awakening that spurred the evangelical movement, but with it came a heavy sentiment of theology based around Pauline texts. But now, as we continue on into the turn of the century, people are rediscovering the Jesus we encounter in the Gospels, which contains a much different vernacular than what we’ve been raised on with Paul.

I don’t plan on writing any more about this, other than pointing out my favorite line in the article; a line I hope many people nowadays can take to heart, because it’s the exact reconciling point I feel is needed between those with more Reformed theology and others who’ve been labeled as progressive.

“There is something here that courses through the pages of the Gospels: Jesus and John see themselves as the ones who complete Israel’s story, and their story is the saving story. This is exactly what Paul said the gospel was. Jesus may have spoken of kingdom, and Paul may have spoken of justification, but underneath both kingdom and justification is Christology: It is the story about Jesus, who is Messiah and Lord and who brings the kingdom and justifies sinners by faith.”

It’s such a simple message, but one that needed to be said and mustn’t be overlooked. Oh, it’s so good.

(I also had a dream last night that I encountered stacks upon stacks of this magazine on some lone coffee table. I was so excited as I dreamily rummaged through them all.)


~ by Chris Kyle on August 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “Suspension”

  1. I will read it. Sounds super interesting!

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