good things are coming

Rah and I have recently had more frequent appearances to this area on Queen Anne we’ve dubbed as “The Wall.” It’s truly the forgotten stepchild in comparison to Kerry Park, but we welcome it so as it’s terribly less busy. Last night as we walked around the area we had a calm moment of realizing that in most likely a month from now, we’ll both have jobs, new places to live, and fellow housemates that are all too grand. And then a bit more stability will settle in. These pieces have slowly begun to fall in place over the past week, leaving us in a wake of prayer for consideration of what else we need. It’s been helpful having these struggles so close together and all at once after a final quarter at school that completely deconstructed my faith. Reliance, trust, and dependence on Him has been stifled by skepticism of the operations of this bleak world, both religious and secular, and His interaction with us has taken on new developments within my own mind. And yet I still find myself praying and asking for His care in events I appear to have little control over. And whether or not I completely believe these prayers to be answerable, I nonetheless find comfort in them. Everything is coming together, faith and all. Good things are coming, I do believe.

Rah and I also found out that the UGM position has been pushed back to November, and thus, we are looking for different jobs to pursue. Sarah already landed one, and in the little time I seem to have in between painting and landscaping, I’ve begun to apply for some as well. In taking a note out of my friend Chauncey’s book, I’m looking towards spending a couple years at a university doing office work in departments I’m interested in networking around. However, and perhaps most appealing of all, the real draw is the potential 90% off tuition at these respective schools. Super cheap graduate classes, anyone? Why, yes please.

Just applied for three separate positions at Seattle University, all of which I would be excited for (though particularly the job with the Center for Service and Community Engagement).


Remember that picture of the backyard I posted a couple weeks back? Well here it is now. I finished this a while back, as well, and have now moved on to painting an entire house! Who saw that coming...


~ by Chris Kyle on July 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “good things are coming”

  1. i love this post. i feel like it really captures the things we’ve been thinking about and worrying over during this transitional time in our lives, and someday we’ll look back and smile at ourselves. the pieces are indeed coming together. and as richard reminded us tonight, what good do we possess that is not a gift from God?

  2. Sweet bro. That’s great. Let me know how the job search goes! Also, I hear you on the other things. Keep trucking along. It seems to me that the closer God gets, the less I understand and the more I start to feel led. Let’s get dinner soon. I want to hear about your life!

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