silly games.

One of my housemates just got offered a job position at Liberty Mutual. Another is going to start working for a large accounting firm come fall, and another is currently doing graphic communications work for a missions company. I’m realizing now how easy it is to start feeling inadequate when your closest friends are assuming positions that allow for them the security many of us seek upon graduation.

I think I’ve felt that inadequacy, especially when the expectations and confidences I had for my own life aren’t going according to what I’d initially hoped for. In turn, it’s easy to get bitter or frightened or hopeless. And I’ve experienced all of these emotions over the last two months.

But then I remember not to compare myself to others. I remember that the direction my life is headed is a combination of my own endeavoring and God’s intercession, both of which hinging upon my ability and willingness to trust Him. I also remember that life isn’t all about 401k’s or ROTH IRA’s or building your portfolio. It’s about being faithful and obedient, right? And whether or not that obedience reaps the outcome you expect, there can be a confidence that what does originate is God’s gracious intention for you. And from this, you are given the opportunity to learn from the context dealt, which is a gift and calling for your life in and of itself. Sometimes that context results in a $60k annual salary or a $650 monthly stipend. Sometimes it’s working for a company with perverted internal values or an organization that’s bent on upholding their integrity and providing honest, helpful services to others.

Either way, I think our obedience to Him is what results in the most security and confidence in our own lives. And that’s something I want to live into. To be free from the destructive games of comparison and empty expectations.


~ by Chris Kyle on May 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “silly games.”

  1. I like your thoughts brother. Jobs are things that come in time. Trusting God is a good practice regardless, especially trusting Him to walk with us through our own lack of trust in His ability and desire to provide for us. I have often found myself saying, “wow, I really shouldn’t have been worried.” more times than I could count. It wasn’t my own faithfulness that did that, it was God’s. just some thoughts. Carry on.

  2. Needed that.

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