Lately I’ve been recording a lot of what I’ve been learning over the last two weeks or so. It’s been revitalizing and I’ve realized how necessary it is for me to continue living faithfully. I decided to post some below, which are the less intimate, but more “Oswald Chambers-esque.”

1)      I am not my job. What I do when I graduate is not fully defining of who I am, but speaks only to a portion of my life – a portion that I hope does not become idolatrous, consuming, or mistaken for my identity. I’m not all sure of what I want to do, who I hope to be, or where I dream of finding myself a ten, five, or even one year from now, but I’m learning to be patient in waiting for direction. Actually, I’m currently relearning to pray for direction.

2)      It’s okay to be uncomfortable. In fact, I’d encourage it when appropriate. It’s humbling, enlightening, vulnerable, and downright necessary for growth. This uncomfortableness cannot solely be internally processed either, but must be verbalized. It must be confessed as both worship and penance. Only then will one find liberty.

3)      Always evaluate your expectations. Nothing is more crippling than unrealistic hopes, especially those that are fueled by our own pride and volition. Having a vision for the future isn’t where the fault lies, but living it out without chance for relinquishment only spells failure and disillusionment. And then this turns into anger, fear, suppression, and other actions you’ll only regret. Try to keep a friend nearby who can be the voice who tells you to sit and listen. That’s what helps me. She’s saved me dozens of times.


~ by Chris Kyle on April 17, 2011.

2 Responses to “mumblings”

  1. I have caught up. I’ve been waiting for you to blog again. Good thoughts brother. Question that comes to my mind regarding this post:

    How do we live into the tension between the now and the future knowing the Lord’s desire for us not to worry about tomorrow?

    Food for thought…I’m not sure I know the answer either.

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