Her Morning Elegance

The Holy Spirit baffles me. I’m hoping to me with Jack Levison, husband to one of my favorite professors, to talk about the nature of the Spirit and what it means for me today. Questions I’ve been having:

1)      Does the Spirit interact with us on a daily basis? If so, how am I supposed to know? What does it look like? How do I separate the interaction from emotion? Or even should I?

2)      How am I to discern between those who say they interpret Scripture through the Spirit and come up with one answer while another says the exact same thing but comes up with an answer completely opposite? Something has to give.

3)      Is the Spirit actually God residing in us, affecting the decisions, words, and outcomes of our life, or is it something completely different from mainstream thought?

I have absolutely no idea, and it’s been terribly disconcerting for me in the last couple weeks. I hope to get some answers soon.

On a brighter note, I had a 52-minute phone interview with World Vision this morning about a variety of internships I am applying for. I may be able to work for their USA division, which is preferable as I’d like to have the contacts and knowledge of what World Vision does, but I want to deal with their small domestic branch within the states. I’m devoted to Seattle and want to stay and invest in the city for as long as I can. No overseas for me, thanks.

Lastly, Sarah and I had a splendid yesterday doing a variety of different things to celebrate our year and a half point of dating. We went to church, drove to Chateau Ste. Michelle for wine tasting, stopped for lunch at Redhook Ale Brewery, got lost in Woodinville, made an extravagant vegetable soup for dinner, attended Dee Dee’s Multicultural Night of Worship, baked brownies, and watch the documentary Waiting for Superman about the need for education reform.

Intense. Insightful. Lovely.


~ by Chris Kyle on April 11, 2011.

5 Responses to “Her Morning Elegance”

  1. a fantastic day with a fantastic man.

  2. I was thinking about you and Sarah all day Sunday. I meant to text you two, but it seems something always got in the way. Must be God’s way of saying “let them be and your prayers are enough”. 😉 Tell me what you learn about the Spirit – some of my questions are the same. And let me know about the internships – sounds lovely!!!

    Garrett and I have the weekend together at the cabin – starting Friday. Will miss you and Sarah being with us, but looking forward to my time with the little guy! LOL!

    Love you so much! Can’t wait to see you in May.


    • Have fun with Garrett! And thanks for thinking of us!

      I’ll also be sure to let you know about the internship! No worries!

      I shall see you before you know it!

  3. Chris, I wish you were in our Holy Spirit class. We talk about those questions all the time. You and I should chat. Seriously. 🙂 🙂

    • Yes please. Very very soon, if we can. I would like nothing more.

      I am meeting with Levison in two weeks, though! It will be great and I’ll ask all sorts of questions to him as well. He seemed like a solid source to scout out.

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