Beautiful Things


I’m back. I haven’t been taking a Sabbath from blogging, nor did I intentionally look to avoid it; rather I kept most thoughts about what’s going on in life to myself or talked about it directly with the world around me. It also didn’t help that I was writing an obscene amount of papers last quarter, which disallowed for supplemental writing on the side. I’m hoping that isn’t the case for this final quarter, but who’s to know.

Here’s a shotgun of points to fill you in on where my life has been and where it is headed:

1)      I’m seeking to implement the concept of racial diversity into all facets of life. I attended a conference less than two months ago about racial reconciliation and those few days managed to drastically affect the way I think and live my life. Since then, I’ve been enveloped with articles concerning white privilege and powerful forums hosted by a bold man named Tim Wise. Despite me looking for community outside of my white culture, I’m also learning to embrace my heritage as something I can be proud of (despite the pitfalls).

2)      Eschatology. The Christian Hope. The End Times. Novum. I’d never delved so deeply into the history of church doctrine, nor questioned the constructs of my own faith quite like I had while taking a course over this subject. I read Rob Bell’s new book, Love Wins, over spring break and found at least the first half of it comparable to what I learned in class. Read Surprised by Hope by N.T. Wright if you want some real substance, though.

3)      Tabitha, a homeless ministry for women that my church began six years ago, has become a new joy and development in my own life. I’ve only served a few times, but they have all been wondrous and are quite reminiscent of UGM – minus the breathalyzer tests. However, we did find a crack pipe last night… Sign up if you want to serve with me! It’s brilliant!

4)      Stockidy Stock Stock Stock. I took a finance class last quarter, which taught me all there is to know about personal budgeting, stocks and mutual funds, 401k’s and Roth IRA’s, home and car insurance, and how to invest in government bonds, accounts, or other mediums. Now I just need to get hold of a job.

5)      Speaking of which, I applied for a position at the Eastside Domestic Violence Program where I would be doing administrative work, but also advocacy and grant writing on behalf of the organization. They also associate domestic violence with homelessness, as well as seek to maintain a diverse staff unit on their core team. It’s ideal aside from being in Bellevue where I would have to pay the new toll. The application is currently in their hands and now I’m waiting to hear back for an interview. Prayers, please.

Lastly, I’m attending a membership foundations class with my church tomorrow morning. I’ve never been a member of a church before, but I plan on living in Seattle for at least the next while, and would love to commit to this. As the Lord wills, of course (which is a whole other concept I’m now seeking to understand).

p.s. – and there you are, aly. thanks for the encouragement.


~ by Chris Kyle on April 2, 2011.

3 Responses to “Beautiful Things”

  1. no no no….thank you…I love reading your thoughts on life.

  2. I’ve been checking on and off to see if anything new- was glad to see it! 😉 And I’m glad- I forgot the name of the organization you told me about on the phone. I ‘m so dang visual that if I’m not familiar with it I can’t remember it.

    Hugs to you and so excited for you – plenty of prayers going out to you for a job in Seattle doing what you love!

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