Goodbye, 2010

My friend Brittany wrote this on her blog the other day, and I had been thinking about what I wanted to write as a closing point for the year; so I stole, no, borrowed this idea. I hope she doesn’t mind that linked her blog, because it’s truly one of my favorites and I think you would like it too.

Ten things I’m thankful for in 2010:

1)      Small group. Never would I have thought a church community outside of SPU would welcome me so willingly. I cannot wait to come back next week and be with them all.

2)      SPRING BREAK! I had two of them, actually; the first in February and the second in March. Both were trips I’ll never forget, with people I pray I still know when graduation dawns.

3)      The kings of queen anne (or magnolia). This one is in tribute to all six of the guys in my house. I couldn’t ask for more choice people to spend my days with.

4)      Music. It wasn’t until this year that I fully (at least to an extent) understood the joy I find in this melodic art. No favorite song, album, or artist, but tens of thousands of plays all around.

5)      Camden. You rocked my world. And I hope to see you again, whether it’s next year or in many years down the road.

6)      Creative nonfiction. My writing has never been challenged more by this class. And I have never written something as beautiful as my last piece, a memoir vignette of a metaphoric “island.”

7)      Parents. Kind of had a breakdown this fall, but they took care of me better than anybody else could. I hope to never take them for granted again.

8)      2 Corinthians and Hebrews. They easily defined my year and the convictions I’m trying to follow. Generosity has never been so difficult, yet fulfilling.

9)      Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission. Spent a second summer here, and formed relationships stronger than the first. Brian Overcash – we are having dinner real soon. You have my word.

10)   Sarah. Rah. Bunny Pig. Kitty. Lover. Babygirl. There wasn’t a single day of 2010 we didn’t talk. Not a single day I didn’t think of her. And not a single day since summer I haven’t said “I love you.”


~ by Chris Kyle on December 31, 2010.

2 Responses to “Goodbye, 2010”

  1. what a wonderful year you’ve had! some ups and downs, yes, but overall…pretty darn terrific.

    i look forward to 2011 with you, love. xoxo

  2. ahh I am so glad that you did this too. it is actually an idea that my friend kristina (the stubie) came up with. so good huh?
    and i want to see your memoir vignette. i told you, that class changes your life!

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