Tribute: December 23rd

For some reason I was thinking today about when I started this little blog, and looked back at the “archives” WordPress provides only to find that it’s been exactly two years. In rereading my first post, I’ve realized that despite me still being as internally angsty as I am now, a lot has changed in the past, near 1/10th of my life.

Friendships have come and gone, convictions have both settled in and sneakily left, interests have endured the ebb and flow of (un)certainty, and God has both been honored and disgraced by my choices. Sounds like a full life, I’d say.

I remember where I was two years ago when writing that post. I was in the midst of being an SMC, and thinking up ways to lead a Bible study for freshmen guys wanting to better understand their faith. It was Christmas break and I wanted nothing more to be at school.

I remember where I was a year ago, because December 23rd marked the day I was able to finally say to myself, “I love Sarah Long.” We skyped for a long time that night, and the surreal emotion had etched itself into my heart where I knew that no matter what happened, I would forever live with the truth that I fell in love with this woman. I’m proud to say that the love still stands. Thanks be to God.

And now, at this present moment (and in the closing minutes of the day) I’m afraid nothing but the profoundness of me simply being alive will capture the glory of this momentous day. But that’s okay. I’m thankful for where I’m at, and I can still say that God is good. That’s enough for one day.


~ by Chris Kyle on December 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “Tribute: December 23rd”

  1. (sigh). i love you.

  2. This is an absolutely amazing post and it was great to hear that you love Sarah. The paragraph almost moved me to tears.

    For some women, it is enough to know that men can love.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. – Tackela xx

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