Camden: Day 10

I’m realizing that my last post was a bit rash. I still have a lot of thoughts spinning through my head concerning how to best approach urban ministry full-time, as well as how to live out a life that fully exemplifies a faith in Jesus; but I suppose that’s what part of the purpose of this trip is for, isn’t it?

As for the thoughts on living comfortably, I think it’s important to clarify that by comfort I meant the typical American and believing that one needs a myriad of luxuries in order to sustain a “secure” living environment. Admittedly, and this is humbling for me to say, I don’t fully know what it means to be financially independent, nor do I fully understand what “adulthood” entails to its fullest degree. I wish I did, but that’s simply just now the case right now. With that said, my life outside of college is one that I can’t comprehend quite like my parents, or even recent grads, can, but I think I have a right to say that I have an skeletal ideal I’d like to live out, based on the convictions of my faith, for when I graduate in June. I also want to point out that this writing isn’t solely for the outlet of my thoughts, but for further challenging anybody who has graced me as a reader. That’s why I want to be careful with my words.

Another thing that’s difficult for me to process is the idea that material wealth isn’t a bad thing. I think I often make it out to be, when really, it’s not something to be ashamed of when used for the benefit of another. Heck, I’m sure even having some for yourself isn’t sinful, but that’s still something I’m trying to figure out. I’d prefer to live like an ascetic with three things to my name, but that may not be the best use of my life in terms of glorifying our King and expanding His Kingdom. Dang, I sure wish this was all easier to grasp.

I’m going to keep pondering more. Camden has sparked changes I least expected, and as advised by my dear love, Sarah, I still have time here, and shouldn’t be so focused on what to do afterwards when there are still things to do now.

Live in the present. Live in the present. Live in the present.

Enjoy your Sunday, world, and get ready for Christmas. As Advent tells me, it’s coming.


~ by Chris Kyle on December 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Camden: Day 10”

  1. look at you being all wise. i love your heart for Jesus and how quick you are to want to obey Him, no matter what it costs.

    lately i’ve been thinking for my own life…don’t get so caught up in trying to figure out what it looks like to follow Jesus that you forget to know and love Him. that’s probably more applicable to my own brain than yours, but as you wrestle with these difficult questions i thought the reminder wouldn’t hurt. loving Him is more important than knowing the right answers.


  2. I really liked your last blog post. I think it’s okay to be frustrated to be challenged by these questions. But I totally agree with what you said about living in the present. I also like Sarah’s point of loving HIm because loving Him can ultimately leads to following Jesus as well. I can’t wait to talk to you when you get back but live it up in the last couple of days and we’ll hear from you soon enough.

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