Sorry, no time for a title.

Well, I’m off to Camden in only a matter of minutes. We are all sitting in the airport right now, and I believe we are boarding real soon. However, I’m not here to reminisce about my feelings or what to expect for this trip. That will be on the next post.

Today, I tied up many loose ends with ASSP, school, and appointments/obligations before I could truly say I was “done” with the quarter. It all went well, for the most part. I met with Dr. Margaret Diddams this morning, who is the director of the center of scholarship and faculty development. I wanted to discuss with her vocational ideas revolving around communication and social psychology. Two things happened: 1) She didn’t answer any of my questions, and 2) A massive paradigm shift occurred.

We talked about how there is so much pressure, especially on my generation, to work towards a career as if it’s a do-or-die situation. Moreover, the expectations are hardly reasonable, in many cases, but that doesn’t seem to matter to the “adults” that are trying to prepare us for the inevitable dawn of adulthood. No, Diddams was quick to say that in searching for a career position, she would hate to tell a twenty-one-year-old how to find a job in terms of tips and tricks; rather, they should be looking for where to apply their skills, and how to capitalize on what they’re good at. I understand this sounds simple, and perhaps it’s just profound for me to hear at this moment; but looking at the job search as a means of personal development on how I can grow in skills and passions, as well as how I can use them to aid a corporation, instead of how I can survive in this cutthroat world, makes a lot of sense. I feel like it takes a lot of stress off too.

Crap. It’s boarding time. I’ll be back.


~ by Chris Kyle on December 9, 2010.

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