Opportunity’s Deluge

BBC, NYT, The Atlantic, Huffington Post: The world separate from my little Seattle bubble is a frightening and amazing sight; and these news providers merely touch on the activity that exists outside of myself. I feel quizzical, uplifted and a tad bit downtrodden as I read stories about how creativity, political power, and human endeavor shift history every single day.

There are people like Mike Allen who are inhumanly brilliant, though gentle and pure-hearted; powerhouse companies such a Google who seek to be the savior of journalism; and fools like Morgen Richmond who stumble onto the scene of American politics, unaware of the impact that contextualized comments may have on the wave of news media.

I’m realizing as graduation grows nearer that no matter how small you are, whatever action you perform makes a difference. No matter the intention, sometimes the outcome results merely on a small scale, but other times, it can escalade toward echelons far greater than anticipated.

I’m also humbled at the fact that as I read about other’s accomplishments, I realize more of who I am, and that I’m either gifted or deprived of certain skills that may help people to excel in life. For example, I’m not a whimsical “idea master” capable of initiating a new product, organization, or ideal. However, I am a steadfast implementer and storyteller, wanting to get things done, as well as make such ventures impactful for others.

That’s why I’m thinking about pursuing something along the lines of this master’s program in the years to come. Using digital media and new technology for communicative and organizational purposes has never sounded more appealing. This can even go as far as documenting stories of people who are seeking to change the world through whatever idea they have. I want to be there and I want to be a catalyst.


~ by Chris Kyle on November 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “Opportunity’s Deluge”

  1. i totally know what you are talking about & that master’s program looks legit

  2. i like the new blog header pics.

    and i like that you read.

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