in addition

I think it’s also important to add, in regard to the last post, the importance, focus, and centrality of Jesus Christ when it comes to making these lifestyle decisions. Actually, this is slightly off topic in reference to what was written earlier… In a recent conversation with a friend, he brought up the fact that in this “green movement” of conscientious spending, oftentimes Christians get caught up in the so-called fetish of wanting to be frugal and justice-minded simply because it’s selfishly beneficial or cultural appealing – not because of their faith convictions. It’s a tough line to walk, truly, and I know for myself there are times when I make my purchases based off pride or because “that’s just what Seattlites do.” I don’t want to shop at Trader Joes or boycott large organizations with unjust practices because it’s a societal norm for my generation within this liberal city of hipsters; nor do I want to do so because it’s morally right, and gives me a reason to feel good about myself. No, I want all of these actions to be a reflection and product of my demanding Savior; and I want it to be a point of contact in which I talk about my faith with this unchurched city.


~ by Chris Kyle on November 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “in addition”

  1. very wise of you to note how the cultural pressure can warp this into something that is cool but not honoring to God…

  2. I like these thoughts, CK. Keep running with this stuff.

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