even the biggest wakes can come unsung

Sitting on our dining table was a copy of the latest Fortune magazine, for whatever reason, which I casually flipped through as I ate my dinner. Standing posed and sexy-like was a man with the side page proclaiming in bold fashion, “Becoming SUPERMAN.” Needless to say, I kept reading.

You can find the article here, as it talks about an extraordinary man named Jeff Skoll who is essentially looking to solve handfuls of the world’s problems by philanthropic means with the oodles of money he possesses. First employee and eventual president of eBay, Skoll spent a mere six years working for the organization before he fazed out and sold all his stock, which accumulated to a little over two billion dollars. From there, he went on to found a media company, which essentially only makes films that portray socially relevant phenomena.

Moreover, he established another foundation that gives over $40 million in grants per year. The best part is that bureaucratic contingencies aren’t placed on said funds, which allows the grantee a wide spectrum of spending freedom.

“You have a vision of changing the world? Cool. Here’s a million bucks. I trust you know what to do with it.”

In going back to the media aspect, I’m sure some of you have heard of a least a few films produced by this socially conscious behemoth:

Food, Inc.
The Informant
Waiting for “Superman”
The Soloist

My gosh, was a captivating and ingenious way to spend your money! If you actually read the article posted, you’ll find that he’s an honest, humble man simply wanting to make a difference while standing in the background, away from the luring spotlights. That’s probably why not many of us have heard of him.

Good luck to you, Jeff Skoll. You’re doing admirable things that I can only pray God will allow me to be a part of.


~ by Chris Kyle on November 15, 2010.

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