surprise, surprise

Welp, it’s 5:47 in the morning and I can’t seem to fall back asleep… again. So I just made tea and decided to make a morning of it.

Rah and I have been little sickies together over the past week, and though I figured being sick wasn’t that big of a deal, I believe I’ve been humbled to the point where contact with fellow sick people is something I’ll now avoid instead of going out of my way to see. It’s simply not worth it. Too big of a disruption, and not nearly as fun as being able to leave the house to do something interesting. Fortunately, many weekend events went down at our house, so it wasn’t a terrible loss.

Except for the Haunted House. Our school, hosted by our very own Stephanie Rubesh, turned the library into a haunted house on Friday night, and some buddies and I were asked to scare people. If any of you have seen The Strangers, our masks were the same as the guy in the film. He’s the one in the middle. Originally, my friend Matt and I were going to do burlap sacks, but the people at Jo-Ann fabrics told us otherwise saying if we had that over our faces it would slowly cut us up with little microfibers. Thank you Jo-Ann. We went with some other mesh of sorts. We were also given fake blood that was apparently made of laundry detergent, dye, and peanut butter. It smelt like Thai food.

All I can say is that though I had a good time scaring, a mixture between being sick and the redundancy of it all slowly got to me. Before the events started, I was asked to rip heads of dolls, which I did to a few, but then I got to one that was giving me trouble. As such, I slammed it against a desk only to find that the doll was porcelain. Minutes later I realized I’d gotten a decent sized gash in my hand, and in the midst of all my fake blood, real blood was streaming down my hand. I didn’t bother to clean it as I thought it would mess with my overall costume.

Sanitary? Probably not. Sweet scar when it’s all healed up? Definitely.

So here I am, in bed, not very tired (somehow), but fortunately done with my paper that’s due this afternoon. Lord, You certainly heard those prayers. I’m hoping today isn’t a complete bust and that I can fall back asleep soon. My voice still sounds – and forgive me of the political incorrectness of this statement – like a mentally handicapped boy going through puberty, which was at first endearing, but has now turned to an annoyance. Oh well, I can only do so much to heal up.

Lastly, check this out. It blows my mind how ridiculous some of these are. It kind of reminds me of my high school elections, only with larger budgets and no pre-screening by the administration. Crazy. And quite sad.


~ by Chris Kyle on November 1, 2010.

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  1. it really does make our politicians look like gossiping, jealous teenagers…

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