dont think about all those things you fear

I’ve been reading Nietzsche in light of the Xenosaga series I’ve been playing. His philosophies and ideas are littered all throughout the trilogy (each of the video game titles are based off his greatest works), but I’ve also found that they are heavily contrasted with the virtues of Christianity that show up just as blatantly within the games. The clash creates for some real interesting thoughts. If you know anything about “The Will to Power” I’d love to talk about it, because I don’t think he’s as jacked up as people think he is.

I found out my three papers due this week are now either due Monday or optional/extra credit. Essentially, that means I’m free of homework until Friday.

Keuss talked about the Sermon on the Mount and the Sermon on the Plain this afternoon for my Social Justice class. I’m still trying to recover from the convicting, mesmerizing sermon he dealt out himself. One of the things he mentioned was the Greek word, “Poiete”, which means “to do”, but in a creative way; just like a poet. We are to be imaginative. We are to be expansive. We are to be inventive. Evangelism doesn’t have a specified, one-way path, contained by liturgy or traditional sayings. Evangelism isn’t about fulfilling a recipe and following a cookie cutter system. Evangelism is about poetry, artistry, and beauty.

Do this in remembrance of Me.


~ by Chris Kyle on October 13, 2010.

One Response to “dont think about all those things you fear”

  1. next time I see you we’re going to have a little chat about will to power. i would love to get your take.

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