sacrifice theory

I was thinking today about what it means for us, when faced with big decisions, to choose the completely undesired, incomprehensible route. To march the path where there is absolute disregard for our initial reaction, wellbeing, and current happiness.

Sometimes I think God poses these situations for us, and when He does, the words that are whispered read, “Do this for Me and My Kingdom will be glorified.”

The hardest part is knowing whether this is a voice of conviction or guilt, at least for myself. Is it truly God speaking, or a voice in my head saying I should do this because at face value it’s what Jesus commands of us? Sometimes following Jesus at face value and excluding the context can screw you over.

But sometimes leaving room to get burned is the only way to spread the Gospel.

Lord, help me not to cater to my own fears. Give me wisdom and discernment of Your voice. And may all my motives be altruistic.



~ by Chris Kyle on October 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “sacrifice theory”

  1. You always have to risk getting burned. that’s what Jesus did, and my did He get burned. He’s our example though. That’s why getting burned, while pretty unpleasant, is for the Kingdom and a big part of our lives as followers of Jesus. It’s one of those lessons that’s not usually fun to learn though..

  2. I needed this today. Thank you my friend. You are loved.

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