I’m baking that infamous coffee cake again. I figured it would be a delightful surprise for my housemates when the wake up. I also don’t have to wake up until 10 tomorrow, so I’ve got the time.

Highlights of the day:

1)      Professor Keuss is allowing me to audit his Social Justice class, which meets only on Tuesdays. I have a class that ends at 3:20 that day while his begins at 3:00, but he said I can walk in late. It’s going to blow my mind. It will also be nice knowing I don’t have to write that 8-page research paper at the end of the quarter.

2)      My Public and the Media class showed a documentary produced about a decade ago concerning major media corporations’ abilities to assimilate and study culture in order to keep up with the current demands. The interesting part is how the whole system works flawlessly, at least at face value. First, you have culture starting to boom with new fads or interests, and then you have the media chiming in and catalyzing the trend. Shortly after, culture begins to realize it’s gone mainstream, thus producing a new chain of events that does nothing but perpetuate itself. It’s an industry of image, time, and pace.

The difficult part was seeing how media was selling the desired (if that) products to the consumer in telling them they needed this or that in order to maintain an adequate and accepted lifestyle. This compromise of integrity – on both ends – makes me wonder what it means for me to enter into this realm come graduation. How do I expect to sell a product using devices and reasoning of the secular while still maintaining my beliefs? Or how do I do so successfully? Perhaps I shouldn’t look at success quantifiably, and perhaps I’m simply forgetting how innovative the Holy Spirit can be.

3)      Rah and I went to the Sounders game tonight. We won 2-0. I’m going to the US Open Cup Final next Tuesday as well. And I’m taking a housemate with me.

Coffee Cake is done. I’m going to bed.


~ by Chris Kyle on September 30, 2010.

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