Life (Faraway Promise)

The past three years have been significant for multiple reasons, but each has seemed to center around distinct events and virtues that shaped the year, and ultimately, my life.

Freshman year: The epiphanic truth of Jesus Christ and what it means to be His follower

Sophomore year: The gift of generosity; in materials and self

Junior year: The impact and influence of grace over every aspect of our lives

Usually I haven’t been able to distinguish what these key points were until either the end of the year, or the year after, but I’m already finding myself etching towards the truth of what this year’s lesson will be: The imperative need for awareness in all realms of life.

This includes politics, world events, introspective musings, personal relationships, Spirit-driven convictions, and shopping/buying choices. God’s spoken this message over my life through a variety of different outlets this past month, and I feel as if He’s making Himself more present than even for both purposes I can preemptively see, and those that have yet to be graciously revealed. He’s guiding me through the transition of leaving my school so that I may enter my world prepared and willing to do His work outside of the context that I’ve been living in the past four years. He’s instilling in me a passion for people I haven’t felt in years, and is giving me daily opportunities to quench my thirst of these encounters.

All in all, this final year of college is going to be powerful and defining. Though the beginning of freshman year may seem like it was only yesterday, I’ve learned and changed too much for me to believe it.


~ by Chris Kyle on September 24, 2010.

One Response to “Life (Faraway Promise)”

  1. I hope you were at church this morning it was basically about what the message for your life in the next year.
    God is good.

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