Man Date

Man date with M Frank went a little like this:

Pick-up at 4:30, and a quick drive to Tutta Bella over off Stone Way. We were seated in 10 minutes and debated for a while which free pizza we wanted to order. Apparently, this place once best independent pizzeria of the year and were giving away free pizzas, one per table, for the whole week. Discussion ensued before the food arrived, but once it did, the meal was soon ravished. I was giddy the whole time.

Next, we quickly rushed over to Aqua Verde for happy hour margaritas, but first had to ask one of the waiters where it was at. After getting a rough idea, we drove on faith and managed to find it, as well as free parking, with five minutes left to spare. We were seated, asked if we wanted chips and guacamole, and then quickly studied the menu for what awaited. This is when Michael noticed that chips and guacamole were a little over five bucks, and when the guy arrived with our food we shot him down saying weren’t aware that they were an appetizer – not a complimentary add-on like most Mexican establishments. However, we did spend 3 bucks on a massive amount of chips and free salsa, and both ordered our respective drinks: strawberry for myself, and mango for the bro. After arrival, I tried my drink in high anticipation as I’ve been on a 2-month search for a blended margarita in Seattle ever since my encounter with one on my 21st birthday. It tasted far too much like tequila, which had me disappointed before Michael suggested we tried one another’s drinks. His tasted nothing like alcohol, was far thicker, and honestly tasted better than my strawberry despite me not particularly liking mangos. He loved the zing of my drink, and soon enough we had swapped drinks for good.

After further conversation, I said we should hit up another Tutta Bella for more free pizza, and Michael willingly obliged. The next closest one was near Whole Foods, right of Westlake downtown, so it was less than ten minutes away. Worried about parking, we kept our eyes peeled, and soon found ourselves blessed with a near-perfect spot right in front of our destination. We put our names on the waiting list and asked how long the wait was, in which the response given said, “15 to 60 minutes.” Dang… We decided to head to Whole Foods to scrounge the samples as well as purchase wine for a party Michael was later attending, but alas, with it being 7PM, the place was cleared of free bits of nourishment. Wait, no! There as hope! Around our last corner we found a stand with a crockpot and three sample cups begging to be devoured. We peered in at what was presented and came face-to-face with some brown substance that I quickly learned were lentils. Michael ate it, or course, but I kept my distance as he described it as a sort of cold chili that could someday be appreciated. Sick.

We waited to buy the wine after our second dinner, and walked back up to the restaurant to check on the waiting time. Before asking, we noticed some gelato to our right and found a Nutella flavored treat, which made me weak at the knees. We then asked the waiting time as we say our name on the list was next, but were informed that it would be half an hour. Hmm… before we had time to commiserate with one another over our skepticism, we were asked if we didn’t mind sitting outside on the balcony. Willing to bite the bullet, we headed outside and found ourselves at a quaint table for two, and a view of the sunset that caused the Space Needle to silhouette in the background. I bought the Nutella gelado to break up my bills so that we could tip the kind waitress; we ate another free pizza, and soon declared ourselves owners of the night. We were truly living the dream.

Our last bit of the night was to rent a movie from Redbox, but as we pulled into the parking lot we ran into Ben Troop, the icon of our freshmen year. He invited us to a party at his place, but I was feeling more of the low-key night, and wanted to ride this best evening ever straight to a place where I could lie down and allow me stomach to shrink back down. We sorrowfully declined as Troopie is a rare treat in our lives now, and went to the Redbox station to find that there was a scarce selection. It came down to Kick-Ass or Invictus, and as much as I wanted humor over a drama/biography, we took the latter of the two. I was getting bad vibes from the first one anyways. After making a pit stop at my place for otter pops, we settled into Michael’s place and watched the movie. It was a little slow at the beginning, but picked up near the end and I was ultimately satisfied. We then said our parting words, and I headed home full and sleepy after splendid conversation and sporadic adventure.

Here’s to you, Michael Frank.


~ by Chris Kyle on August 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Man Date”

  1. Probably one of the best man dates I have had in a while 🙂

  2. I sure wanna be back in seattle. so bad. two weeks and counting.

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