God’s Deus Ex Machina

“Does not this fact – that love has been willed by God from eternity – take something away from its freshness and spontaneity? Certainly not! The essential characteristic of love, in fact, is what might be termed its ‘deus ex machina’ aspect: the sense of something being there, quite suddenly and surprisingly, that was never there before. Something created, brand-new, so different and innovative that it succeeds in resetting the entire course of lives.”

I’m reading a new book right now and the author dropped this line with such momentum that I was forced to sit and ponder on what this actually meant for my life instead of casually reading on. For some reason I’ve been thinking a lot about how my relationship with Sarah started, and this “deus ex machina” device may just be my answer. I say this solely because this inexplicable phenomenon wasn’t just a one hit wonder; rather, it’s become a continual theme for both our lives, and seems to pop up when needed most. I first thought this to be a series of serendipitous acts, but God’s perfect grace and timing seem to be a more appropriate answer. God’s deus ex machina. It’s what has saved and sustained us from ourselves and our own selfish ploys, thus allowing a renewal of spirit that provides the means of seeing one another with some glimpse of how God’s loving eyes perceive mankind.

Lord, may Your intercession never be fleeting.


~ by Chris Kyle on August 5, 2010.

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