Max is being tutored right now. So here I am, once again, in the midst of some rare free time in which I shall blog and read my book. Here’s an update:

1) Sarah’s brother, Taylor, got me Watership Down for my birthday, which just so happens to be his favorite book, as well as a current read for my friend Nick. I started it yesterday.

2) Philippians 2 has some go-to verses that may be the antidote to some wounds that opened up last week before I put the bandages on. 3-4, and 14-18, in particular.

3) I went to two weddings this past week and had a good talk with Chauncey about the purpose of why they exist and how it’s not necessarily a bad thing to spend around 10k on them. Ask me more if you’re curious.

4) Sarah and I watched Remember Me last Saturday and it wasn’t as awful as the reviews say. I’ve been on a Robert Pattinson kick (unashamedly) after reading an article about him and wanted to see some of his other films. The ending is unique in that some may find it distasteful if they are sensitive to what happens, but I thought it was authentic and fitting for “kill-joy” this movie represents. Pattinson is an angsty guy, both on and off screen.

5) I get to see the first home game of BSU in September. Thanks, Diane. It will be my first in a couple years.


~ by Chris Kyle on July 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “Saltwater”

  1. i am a fan of this. all of this. plus, this is good writing, chris! pithy, to the point, descriptive, not bogged down with fancy words. bravo. i like watching you grow, as a person and as a writer.

    what are bsu’s colors? i need to be prepared to come to root them on in the proper attire.

  2. good writing chris. bad movies chris. Pattison is terrible. I hope you are not conforming to this world by watching twilight.

  3. PITHY! Sarah! BEST WORD EVER! And a word that Chris needs to learn…. Horray for succinct and PITHY writing! Double horray for Watership down!

    Also. Band-aids may be bad! Bleed em out baby!

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