Coming Alive

“He chose his food carefully: fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably raw; few starches, few desserts. He ate too rapidly, but in moderate quantity, in accord with the rules for wrestling training, as well as with his own ideas about preserving a rugged body for missionary work in the future.” – Shadow of the Almighty

Jim Elliot is perhaps one of the most disciplined persons I’ve ever heard or read about. This was purposed because of his eternal and definite goal of being a missionary, which I think came with both advantageous and detrimental gains to his life. I say this because I’ve been thinking about one of Richard’s sermons back in the day where he talked about giftings and how to adapt them into our lives.

We each have gifts, that’s for certain. And with that, we often pursue paths that compliment what we are good at; or, at least, we try to. However, and at the same time, God likes to “screw” with us by putting us down a path where our gifts mean nil and we are put in a position of either trusting He will provide, burning hard, or being fortunate enough to attain the gifts without understanding or attributing them to the grace of God. Whichever the route, this certainly puts a wrench in thinking life is simply done by simply following our simple gifts. Nope, doesn’t work that way.

So what about Jim? He was a noticeably skilled evangelist at his young age as he possessed traits of exceptional public speaking and rhetoric, as well as having a charm about him that was never squelched. Moreover, he was that blatant Bible thumper who spoke Christ at every opportunity and had the Bible on top of his school books at all times. In knowing that he wanted to be a missionary at a young age, I’m not quite sure if he pursued this (a)vocation in light of his gifts, but he certainly did so with an earnestness of not letting anything get in the way. And nothing did, that is, until his death (but then again, his 5-day mission was the gateway to so many other evangelistic moments).

What I’m trying to say, or at least what I’m curious about, is whether or not it is bad to put too much stock in our gifts, and whether or not it’s an awful thing to have a dream and follow it relentlessly until the end. I think a lot of us try too hard to figure out who we are and who God has made us to be. I think a lot of us try too little as well. I think a lot of us are unwilling to relinquish our dreams and let them die at the foot of the cross. I think a lot of us are unwilling to dream and risk the one life we’ve been given for a God who gave that life in the first place. I think a lot of us have gifts we don’t know about. I think a lot of us think we have gifts that aren’t really there. I think a lot of us look solely to others for affirmation of who we are. I think a lot of us believe ourselves greater than we are.

I think too few of us genuinely check our motives and daily ask of how we can be of pleasure and use to Christ. And I think a lot of us make this more difficult than it has to be.

The quote above, but the way, was meant to be a means of me saying I need to eat healthier. Which was originally going to be the purpose of this post.


~ by Chris Kyle on June 29, 2010.

One Response to “Coming Alive”

  1. Fresh fruit and vegetables = what a brilliant idea 🙂 Chris, I want to read more Jim Elliot too!

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