Count. Your. Blessings.

I’m sitting in the Lynnwood library as Max has tutoring lessons and I’ve got about 10 more minutes before I need to pick him up.

Summer has been immensely enjoyable lately as I’m no longer suffering through the grind of both school and ASSP, but get to experience a brief change of pace before one more year of the same process. I’ve also had time to bask in the pleasures of reading, video games, and spending time with friends without the looming knowledge that I’ve got a project or two still to complete.

Summer has also given me more time to appreciate Sarah outside of the context of school, which is something I’ve looked forward to for the past couple months. Seeing neither of us stressed is certainly a good thing, and I think God’s used it to put a lot of things in perspective. I pray He continues to do so.

I’m reading Shadow of the Almighty right now as well, which is a memoir of sorts of Jim Elliot’s life. It was written by his wife, of course. This guy is blowing my mind with who he was as a kid and now, as I read, as a college student. He has apparent gifts in all things that pertain to evangelism, or at least that’s perceived by his wife. She knew him really well despite the short amount of time of their marriage. I respect that, a lot. The book has also caused me to think more about my life and what I want from it/where God seems to be taking me. There’s a whole world sitting outside of the box that is college, and even though I’ve had moments to break out and experience it, I’ve still got another year before I’m fully loose.

We’ll see what happens.

And now… I shall have the most epic water war with good ol’ Max. Bring the pain,  buddy.


~ by Chris Kyle on June 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Count. Your. Blessings.”

  1. the grind, eh? who came up with that catchy description?

  2. Rah did…

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