Give Heed (summer has come)

Here’s a quick update on life:

1)      Sarah got me an iPod Touch for my birthday. It’s rocking my world. She’s quite the gem.

2)      I’m all moved in to my new apartment, which is (nearly) fully equipped with everything to sustain myself throughout the summer. The best part? All of it was free aside from the $50 worth of food scattered throughout my kitchen. Michael Frank and I were rogue pirates raiding Emerson last Sunday. My favorite conversation consisted of a short interaction with a PA I’d never met before:

Me: (Directed towards a group of PAs eagerly anticipating their last hang-out before parting ways) “Hey, look! All this detergent was free!”

Girl: (With a most defeated look and tilt of head to the right) “I was going to take that…”

Me: (Triumphantly walk off)

Like I said – pirate.

3)      I made a to-do list Sunday night consisting of 17 different tasks to accomplish. I have 2 left.

4)      I’m officially checked out and done with VPM. My office is cleared, my training manual is complete, and all files have been adequately updated for Natalie to take over.

5)      I had my first date with the Bethany small group I joined. Best. Thing. Ever.

Dinner was at 6:30 at the leaders’ townhouse in lower Queen Anne where I ate the most amazing stew/tacos I’ve ever had. It was a taco shell filled with beans and cheese, but then topped with loads of stew consisting of shredded pork and vegetables. I had two. And I also drank loads of fancy pink lemonade. Shortly after, one of our leaders, Emily, had us do vocal recordings for an ESL book she is making. Essentially, my voice is going to be used to help teach English to the Chinese.

After that, we jumped into the Book of Hebrews where we read the second chapter and had almost a 2-hour long conversation over what the author was teaching. Lovely. We then did prayer requests, ate cupcakes, and talked for a bit.

What’s so intrigues me most about this group (aside from the people – my gosh, they are wonderful and each so interesting!) is how few ties it has to SPU. There are two graduates, but that was over 6 years ago for each, which also makes me the only college kid in the group. The age spread is 21-35, with two married couples and two other women. Such a different dynamic than what I’m used to; especially when I’m not the one leading it, or being looked to for answers. I merely get to sit back and give input when I feel like it. What’s also beautiful is that it’s with people who haven’t taken Bible classes, but have learned solely from their church or upbringing. So many of the prayers were simple, unforced, and genuine. The “Christian culture” wasn’t forcing them to be somebody they weren’t, and people were perfectly comfortable with who they were and what they knew – they didn’t have to prove anything. I feel that at SPU people often assume the mindset that if they don’t know the Scriptures, or if they don’t have insight on their own theology, then they’re culturally/socially/spiritually inept within their own Christian sphere. But not here, and that’s where most of the beauty is, at least for me. Here, I’m able to rejoice in the simplicity of Jesus and once again feel the basic concepts that had otherwise become numb due to commonality and blind repetition. It’s easy to forget and overlook Jesus in the light of elementary theology. Oh yes, my Wednesday nights are going to be absolutely grand this year.


~ by Chris Kyle on June 17, 2010.

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