good gracious gifts

My joy of yesterday? I lost one of my moleskines about 6 or 7 months ago and while walking to my office bumped into a guy I’d just met last weekend. He came up to me and handed over a mangled, dirt- encrusted black notebook that looked as if it were about to die. Apparently, back in fall quarter, he found it sitting in a puddle and took it upon himself to make sure every page was dried without the whole thing falling apart. Eventually, the name on the front became legible and he decided today was the day he’d return it. Sure enough, on a path in Tiffany Loop, he was holding the notebook ready to hand it over without any anticipation of running into me whatsoever. What are the odds? Not sure, but God gave me a most gracious gift.

I spent bits and pieces of my day trying to break apart each page since they had all been dried together. Only a couple pages are illegible because I wrote in pen on a few pages, but for the most part the lead of my pencil salvaged the journal. I remember losing this thing back in November and being crushed because I had almost finished it, and it also had all my notes from Intercultural Retreat and NCMSLC. It was additionally being used as my confidante during the starting point of Sarah’s and my relationship, so it’s been wonderful looking back over my thought process of the first weeks we started dating.

I’m excited to see what else is hidden in this archaic text.


~ by Chris Kyle on May 22, 2010.

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