Hey. Remember Your Purpose.

I think passion always involves risk.

I think Jesus came as a man to give a voice to the unheard and compassion to the unlovable. He freed the Gerasene Demoniac and spoke to him as a human – something nobody else had done. He destroyed the economic system of the land by killing all the swine – all for the sake of this one man’s life. He told him to stay behind and report all the great things the Lord had done for him that day – so that others may understand His mercy. He made a disciple.

I think risk results in sacrifice.

I think it’s easy to look at life as monotonous and burdensome, but this is only when we forget our purpose. If we are to make disciples for Jesus (Matthew 28:19) then each day is one to free the Gerasene man and talk to the Samaritan woman.

I think sacrifice beckons death.

I think we often need to remind ourselves that love doesn’t come from a static will. When we get up each day and pray that Christ is seen through us I think we’ll be able to count that blessing faithfully and without fail. We just need to trust that Jesus’ love isn’t merely a theory to be pondered.

And I know death brings life.


~ by Chris Kyle on April 11, 2010.

One Response to “Hey. Remember Your Purpose.”

  1. Death DOES bring life. Hallelujah for that, my friend. That’s been the theme of my life of late and I’m oh so glad that it’s on your heart too! Love involves sacrifice and risk, death begets life and we can never just stand outside the fire.

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