Grant me thine wish

I bought a mug in Disneyland for Sarah but it turns out it broke while in my bag on the way back. So, I decided to write a letter to them. It goes as follows:

“Dear Disneyland Resort,

My name is Chris Kyle and I just recently attended your Disneyland theme park. Amidst the frivolous enjoyment of your vast amount of rides, I decided to purchase a souvenir for my girlfriend. She pointed out a mug that met her fancy and while on a euphoric high of happiness from recently coming off Thunder Mountain Road, I willingly obliged to fulfill her wish. The friendly check-out lady wrapped the mug in paper and bubble wrap in which I carefully put away in my bag for safe keeping. Sadly, upon my return to Portland, I unwrapped the mug only to find the handle broken.

As a result, I send this email under full understanding that this may be solely my fault, but at the same time I’d like to continue playing off the Disneyland signature of, “Where dreams come true.” Furthermore, I sat through the Disney parade in which I constantly heard the phrase, “It’s all about you!” being shouted out to me. In light of both these phrases and the hopes of trying my luck, attached are pictures of my receipt, the mug, and my girlfriend and I saddened at our current situation. If there is any way that I can get a replacement mug, that would not only be greatly appreciated, but I would forever sing the praises of all that is Disney for years to come! However, if this is an impossibility, I completely understand, but that may potentially result in a self-wallowing that I’m not quite sure I’d like to commit to for the time being.

In the name of the Beloved Belle!

Chris Kyle
3307 3rd Ave. W.
Mailstop 1442
Seattle, WA 98119

And they responded:

“Dear Chris,

We are concerned to hear our merchandise did not meet your expectations.

Merchandise Guest Services is pleased to ship a new mug to the address you have provided.  Please allow approximately 7-10 working days for delivery.”

They failed to entertain the humor I first threw, but were at least generous enough to grant me my wish. Thank you, Walt Disney, you sly man.


~ by Chris Kyle on March 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “Grant me thine wish”

  1. i like adventuring through life with you.

    (you’re supposed to be asleep).

  2. you are out of control.
    i’m impressed that it worked though.

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