a shattered heart

I wrote this poem for the Biblical Wisdom class I’m taking this quarter. We spent about six weeks studying the Book of Job and for our final paper we were asked to create some form of art piece that we could present to the class. If you’ve read Job you’ll know that a large chunk of it – about 3/4ths – is comprised of the conversation Job has with his three “friends.” This poem is essentially a summation of Job’s response to them, as well as to God, as he feels betrayed with his current situation in life. For those that have been reading my blog you’ll notice elements from the poem that correlate with some thoughts I’ve recently had, simply because this class has caused me to think a lot about topics such as trust, truth, love, suffering, and the human condition. It’s a bit dark, but then again, Job’s life wasn’t particularly something one would joyfully speak about.


how is it that Love,
the most beautiful of Virtues,
is not immune to Perversion?

how is it that
this Macabre break,
a blackened tease,
can sow
Hearts of Devastation?

to be told a lie,
this is Forgivable;
but to lie in Disillusionment
unaware to your own faults
unconscious of your impactful words
Oblivious to your Muttering Lips –
why aren’t you so wary?

“Your own mouth condemns you, and not I;
And your own lips testify against you.”
how is it that you can Revert from Love
and sit on Thrones of Pride,
screaming out words
filled with the defense
of your own egos?

you’re merely Buying Oblivion
and spending Anguish on my Soul;
you’ve sealed my Fate
upon your heart
and it’s etched
with the Cadence of your lies

i cry out in my own Reprise
Echoing the Requiem
that’s sung to the tune
of my ill-begotten Fate

oh, “where is my Redeemer?”
oh, where is my Hope?
i sit in silence
as you Vaunt and Vie;
for i am Naught but a Puppet
strung and tied
unable to Escape

from this Meager lot of a Life


~ by Chris Kyle on March 11, 2010.

One Response to “a shattered heart”

  1. i find your heart so lovely.

    please–let me tame you.

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