I spent may last week in Hawaii with the beloved family I nannied for over the summer. Max is the most curious of seven-year-olds, which in turn provides an abundance of quips to light up our days. Here are a few I wrote down:

Max: “Guess what my favorite word is?”
Me: “No idea.”
Max: “T-H-E! The! T-H-E! The! Cause I can spell it!”

Max: “You’re going down, blueberry muffin!”

Max: “You better watch out, cause I’m gonna cheat!”
– In reference to us about to play Go Fish. He loads the deck and I never win. Ever.

Max: “I’m the best actor when it comes to throwing up! Watch!”
*makes an awful sound and action that are quite convincing*
Me: “When was the last time you really threw up?”
Max: “I don’t know… maybe seven years ago.”

Max: “That’s so good my dimples are coming up!”
– In reference to the ice cream I just bought him.

*As max awkwardly tries to climb into the car*
Me: “What are you doing?”
Max: “The car next to us is too close, and this is the only way I can get in. I have to turn my body into fruit leather.”

Max: “Mom, is it normal for a seven-year-old and a teenager to be best friends?”

Max: “Wow, look at that!”
– In reference to a small divot in the ground that a leaf so elegantly fell into.

Max: “Looks like a dead rainbow.”
– In reference to the melted, multi-colored snowcone he was eating.

Max: “Guess what my favorite number is!”
Me: “Seven? Six?”
Max: “No, it’s a BIG number!”
Me: “One Million?”
Max: “Nope. Want me to tell ya?”
Me: “Yes.”
Max: “It’s seventeen!”

*We were talking about kissing for some reason before this part of the conversation occurred. Not sure what exactly led me to say my opening line*
Me: “Kissing is scary, Max. I’m not sure you want to get involved with that yet.”
Max: “Come on! You have to do it eventually. You need to kiss somebody if you’re in love. It’s required to get married.”


~ by Chris Kyle on December 19, 2009.

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  1. Dude. How can I score a “job” like yours?

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