their eyes watch intently, the drum beat rolls
how’s this become serious
why not before?

this giving of oneself
martyrs for all. make a mistake
err is thy name
but they shant suffer
because we were first

our avarice of self has flown away.
the albatross spread her wings and
took to flight that icy night
farewell (old) friend, I bid thee adieu
may this parting of ways make rout to eternity
for us, at least

your tail paints a line of sunken oblivion
a path our feet were so eager to follow
but escaped we did! oh beautiful
creature – your guileful face has been unveiled

where to now?
which proverbial coat shall next be worn?
He says

plead for the privilege to share;
though in extreme poverty
you can make others rich.

this heroic and marvelous
to You we commend our spirit(s)

take. receive. grasp. embrace.
no, for we must give! oh, if only
if only they knew of our escape
from this meager lot of a life

this flow that so many are caught up in
i tell you, friends
with valiant truth
and earnest desire-
she and i

we swim against it.


~ by Chris Kyle on December 6, 2009.

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