Nothing beats waking up in the private of your own room, having nothing on the agenda other than being awesome with your little brother, and being able to write, listen to music, and lie in bed knowing that at any moment you can get up, open the loaded fridge, and eat whatever the crap you want.

Yesterday morning was quite the trip as I woke up at 4:30, showered up, finished packing, and hit the road a little before 5. I made a reservation the previous night at some cheap car parking place so that I could stash my car for a couple days while visiting in Boise. My first adventure was driving down Aurora to the airport for the first time in my life, and whenever I drive somewhere for the first time, I inevitably get lost. Surely enough, I found myself stranded in the middle of SeaTac (it’s actually a city I’ve come to learn) where everything is still dark, and not a soul is wandering the streets. Oddly enough, there was hardly any noise as well, but I figure that to be because I was much farther from the airport than formerly thought. I guess I’d taken a wrong turn somewhere, and it should be noted that whenever I fly I like to see how much I can push the limit on making it to the terminal in just enough time to walk onto the plane the moment I pass through security. I’ve never actually done it yet, but there was hope. However, I was supposed to board my plane in 40 minutes, and I still had no idea where to park my car, so began to worry… just a little. Nick had been gracious enough to make me a roadtrip CD for when I was going to drive, but seeing how that didn’t work out I only got to hear part of it on my drive to the airport. But how grand and soothing it was as the Jonas Brothers screeched their whiney and pre-pubescent voices into my ear, which gave me just enough hope to carry on in my struggle to find my destination. Not a moment after their song ended I arrived on sight, drove around a bit curious as what to do next, and parked my car in the middle of the street. I walked into the office, which had one light that was on the verge of dying, giving the room that sort of eerie look you see in jacked up horror films. I was in some weird adventure mood, though, so I stumbled around looking for somebody to talk to, all the while looking at the clock knowing that I needed to check in pronto because boarding was now in half an hour. Hmm…

Eventually a guy wearing a turban showed up and started talking to me in a heavy accent that made little sense. We fumbled through paying for the weekend, I handed over my key, and then he walked off without saying a word. Confused, I went to my car to move it to a parking spot, and then realized I had given away the only key I had. Dang it. Sitting there for a second I remembered my dad putting a spare underneath the car over two years ago, but the odds of it still being there were next to none. Realizing the predicament of my situation I had no other choice but to check, so I get on my knees, reach under the car, and the first thing I touch is the key box. What fortune! I manage it open, see the endearing treasure, and start my car. I immediately hear a knock on my window and it’s the park owner saying I can’t park my car, he has to. Dang, so much for executing my sexy plan on survival. I took this time to ask him when the shuttle to take me to the airport came, and he said I just missed it and would have to wait another 10-15 minutes. Staring at him blankly I realized this would take some crazy luck to make my flight, so I grabbed my bags from the backseat, walked back to the front of the office, sat in a surprisingly comfy chair, and said, “Bring the pain!”

When the shuttle finally arrived we had to wait for another person to fill our paperwork who had shown up a minute before the shuttle, which tested my patience, but caused me to laugh as well. I’ve come to learn that whenever I find a situation overwhelmingly ridiculous I can do nothing but laugh because that’s how I vent my emotion of frustration towards the stupidity of whatever party is deserving. Most of this laughter was at myself though, because coming here was more a testament to my frugality than wanting of security and comfort, which in the end can often screw me over. But we made it on our way, and when we got to the airport I had 5 minutes before boarding, which means I had 5 minutes to get my bag checked in so that it could make it to the plane before liftoff. Going into crunch time mode I scoped out which line looked best, but they were all equally busy with about 3-4 people waiting, so I sighed, choose the line to the far left, and waited. By the grace of God, the moment I stood in line the people in front of me said, “Oh, sorry, we were just waiting for somebody but aren’t actually in line. You can just go in front of us.” BOOM! Next thing I know I was talking to the check-in guy who informed me that the new policy charges $15 a bag to regular customers. Remembering what the father told me about him being an MVP member because of the company he works for, I decided to pull that card out by saying I had MVP status, and surely enough it worked, making this trip even cheaper than expected. Bag check-in price: $0. Bag check-in time: 5:59AM

I made my way through security, headed to my gate, and right when I showed up they were on the intercom saying they were going to start boarding all MVP and Gold members; so I walked up, handed over my ticked, and made history as I was the first person to board the plane. Doesn’t get better than that.

I’ll write more about being home and hanging with the family later, but for now I’ve got to go eat some cinnamon rolls fresh out of the oven. They’re my brother’s specialty.


~ by Chris Kyle on July 25, 2009.

One Response to “Checkmarks”

  1. The Jo Bros pretty much saved your life. I knew they would.

    As for your frugality and joy in pushing the limits…. Next time just let me drive you so you don’t have to count on your charmed life to kick in.

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