Me and the Moon

I just bought Nevertheless’ new album, “In the Making…” and I’ve already got a handful of songs that are going to be caught within my infamous realm of the repeat option. Listen to this sexy melody:

Also, listen to this sweet action piano and cello combo to form a special, little somethin’ somethin’. And Sarah, ignore the fact that it’s Taylor Swift and just listen:

I met with Bob Zurinsky today, who’s going to be my VPM advisor for the upcoming year. He’s such a stud and it’s going to be wicked awesome working with him to form the greatest coalition of ministries SPU has ever seen! The meeting got me super pumped for the position next year and I can’t wait to get everything rolling as soon as everybody is back in town. Yes yes yes!

I also spent about 5 hours in the office today, which made me feel somewhat hardcore, but it was boring as crap half the time due to monotonous work and sending more emails than I’d like to remember. But I prevailed and managed to play outside for a couple hours before carrying on with my evening. I’d also like to point out that today was my first time eating chocolate in 6 days. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a new record, and as fate would have it, after I finished my fantabulous treat, I got a stomach ache about half an hour later. Never in my wildest dreams would I have dreamed of my body rejecting sugar. Perhaps this is the dawning of a new age… Oh dear.

Lastly, it’s official, I’m going to Boise next weekend to hang out with my brother because he contracted mono in the most terrible of circumstances. In two days he is supposed to leave for a short-term mission trip to Honduras with my mom and our church but has now been denied the opportunity because of some beezy he shared a drink with. About a month ago he asked a girl if he could drink some of her lemonade, she thoughtfully said yes, and they thought nothing more of the moment of sharing. Right as my brother was about to leave the house the girl stopped him and said, “Garrett, I forgot to tell you, I have mono!” Ugh, girls… Loads of trouble, if you ask me. So instead of going on the mission he’s going to be at home, sick, along with a broken hand he received about a month back as well, leaving me with one option: Head home and give this kid the best weekend of all time! I’m not sure what we’re going to do, but I know it’s going to consist of eating pounds upon pounds of peach rings from Winco, for cheap. It will be glorious.


~ by Chris Kyle on July 18, 2009.

One Response to “Me and the Moon”

  1. i was TOTALLY going to link you to the viva la vida meets love story mix. dang it. i was all over that. now you get all the glory.

    too bad i don’t steal music, because i want that nevertheless album. i can’t stop listening to o child.

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