The Boys of Summer

Things learned in Portland this past weekend:

1. Happy Valley truly is the greatest place on earth. Jake, I finally understand why you never want to go back to school after breaks.
2. When hiking, Sarah does this sort of “scamper” up the hill when trying to pass people. Jake and I mock and laugh.
3. I love M&Ms a lot more than I thought. So much that greed and screeching overcomes me when they are about to be taken away. My immaturity and imperfection shined brightest at that moment. Shame.
4. I am the king of Bocce Ball. Bring it on, haters.
5. I am a tenor. I play the piano in A minor. Sarah can hardly keep up with my mind blowing key changes.
6. Emma Watson is on the verge of a comeback and will be coming to college in the states. Jake guesses it will be Brown University. I’m still hoping for SPU or UW…
7. On the other side of things, Emma Grace is the cutest little four-year-old ever, and will grow up to break more hearts than Jake and me combined during freshman year. Sorry, Sarah, just had to throw that out there…
8. One of my new life goals is to pee of Multnomah Falls. Or to base jump off it. Or both. At the same time.
9. Virgin margaritas being consumed by the gallon amidst a group of college Christians who think it cool to pretend it’s real alcohol is mildly embarrassing yet absolutely hilarious. Or maybe it’s just Megan who finds this funny.
10. Coming off sugar highs suck. My intake is usually at a constant level throughout the day but on Saturday I consumed far too much. In fact, it’s come to the point where I think I have a problem. Time to fast.
11. Going to bed on a Friday night at 12:30 is cool when you know you’re cool. It’s considered lame by those striving to be cool. Jake and I comfortably went to bed at 12:30 with no regrets or questions of our awesomeness. Sarah probably stayed away just to pack the stats and build self esteem.
12. Don’t touch bricks that are sitting in a fire. You’ll burn your thumb.
13. Voodoo doughnuts = heart attack and completion of my soul.
14. Don’t speed in worker zones. It’ll be the death of your pocketbook. Unless you lead a “charmed” life, of course.
15. Friendship is a blessing beyond measure.


~ by Chris Kyle on July 12, 2009.

5 Responses to “The Boys of Summer”

  1. This almost brought a tear to my eye. Joy of course! : )

  2. Welcome to P-town and the surrounding region, my friend.

  3. #2: i only ran up the mountain because i’m in such incredible shape. i set the pace for you guys. i’m hardcore.
    #5: you also like c mixolydian.
    #7: ugh.
    #10: don’t get diabetes.
    #11: if i cared that much what people thought, i wouldn’t be as blunt or as nerdy as i am in real life. please. you know me better than that. in fact, you sound downright defensive. almost as though YOU are the insecure one.
    #15: amen.

    • Touche, touche.

      You were hardcore on the mountain


      I know you don’t give a crap about what other people think. Well, at least not as much as i made it out to appear.

      I don’t have insecurities.

  4. It’s a secret so don’t tell anyone, but Chris isn’t perfect! (I know… weird huh?) Like all imperfect people, he has insecurities… (shhh don’t tell!)

    Also.. I hope this blog is named after the song… cause it’s a wonderful song full of joy… I may have starred in a Sims Online version of it once.. I should show you the video someday.

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