Friendly Jas

Dear world,

I would love to write about how awesome my first day at UGM was but I’m afraid I’m dead tired and have to get up to start mannying again. Max and I are going to the zoo so I need my energy to fight all the animals we get in fights with. I told him I could probably take on a gorilla and tiger at the same time, so I can’t let him down.

Actually, the rest of the week until Sunday night is pretty booked with little free time, so no promises on another lengthy post in a while. My apologies. Here’s some quick things though:

After moving all my crap into the other apartment I realized I needed a shower curtain because I have my own bathroom. However, to my great surprise, this realization suddenly turned into a transcendence of frugality in my life as I decided to simply shove the shower head against the wall so that the water doesn’t spray everywhere, thus, eliminating the need for a curtain! I found a mat too that will soak up any water that does reach over the edge, so suck it world, because I just saved 25 earth monies by being awesome!

I’ve been listening to Something Corporate non-stop since I bought one of their old albums last Friday. I already owned one, but it didn’t have the song of my past that I hold so dearly… Drunk Girl. Sure, it’s trashy, and the lyrics are awful, but show me one person who can deny that it’s catchy and fun to listen to. In fact, I’d even be as bold to say that all of their songs are lyrically awful, but the tune or sound or whatever it’s called is absolutely brilliant. Listen to these if you have the chance:

I woke up in a car
Cavanaugh park
Me and the moon
21 and invincible
Miss America

You won’t be disappointed.

In short, UGM is sweet because:

• Homeless people smile, wave, and give better handshakes than anybody else.
• I give breathalyzer tests.
• I work with a guy from Brooklyn who was a Heroin addict for 20 years but converted to Christ 4 years ago and has been doing street ministry since. I’ll tell you more about him soon, but his story is phenomenal.
• Everybody, and I mean everybody, that I got to talk to about Jesus wanted to hear it and provided insight for further conversation.
• I was called “brother” over 5 times by black people. That officially makes me a homie.
• I’m finally learning how to tell if somebody smells like alcohol. Goodbye ignorance.
• I was invited to pull all-nighters with everybody as we watch movies at 3AM. You should come.
• Next weekend we’re going out at night in huge vans to the various squats where vast amounts of the homeless live, opening up the back doors, and giving out everything from blankets to shoes to coats. It’s going to be like Christmas.
• They have a gym and I can work out after work. UGH!

I’m going to bed, but peace and love, everybody.


~ by Chris Kyle on July 6, 2009.

One Response to “Friendly Jas”

  1. CK, Union Gospel sounds so sweet. Can I get in on this like we talked about at KB’s house? Don’t let me flake out on this. It looks like I’m only gonna be working mornings so that 5:30 – 9:30 thing would work. Like a dream.

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