Basement Ghost Singing

Out of constant demand for a continuation of my blog that I left to die six months ago, I’ve decided to revive this aspect of my life with full fruition and force beyond reckon. Thank my peeps (Ms. Jane).

I believe this summer officially started today, at midnight, as I moved out of the dorms last night into a sexy little apartment with three of my dear floor mates from the past year. This is only going to be for two weeks however, as I move into my leased apartment at the beginning of July, which will carry on through the end of August. Since I can’t move back into on-campus housing until the 26th of September, I suppose it’s fair to say that September shall either be a homeless month of devastating misery or beautiful wonder. I say this because of the events that occurred last night…

June 15th

12:54 AM – I make the trek from the Wesleys back onto campus where I trudge across Tiffany Loop, Martin Square, and eventually arrive at my destination – Hill Hall. Not wanting to go around, I check to see if the sliding glass doors work, and sure enough they did, which made me want to tread back into the bathrooms to take a shower, but I refrained and cut through the lobby to the back parking lot.

1:02 AM – I take the plunge into the clothing donations bin. I have my backpack, pillow, blanket, and bathrobe to provide for a night’s comfort, but little did I know how ineffective they would actually be. The metal base of the bin was warped, to my dismay, causing each little step to echo monstrously as it laid the foundation of my paranoia of being caught for the night. I slowly rearranged everything and expected a soft cushion to rest upon from all the clothes people donated, but sadly the bin had been emptied the day before. By now my eyes had adjusted as faint glimmers of street light shone through the cracks of the entrance, but it wasn’t nearly enough to fully grasp my surroundings. Oh, and let it be known – IT SMELLED LIKE PISS THE WHOLE TIME!!! Bad smells don’t normally affect me, but when my head is lying two inches from a metal sheet that smells like piss, it begins to break down my tolerance. I couldn’t back down now though, so I propped open the drop-in entrance with some tape I brought, laid down without any coverings because it was fairly hot out, and assumed the fetal position (the bin was only 5 feet wide while I’m 6 foot 4. Dang it).

1:13 AM – I make a video of my current situation and send it out to various people. Texts flood in with comments of encouragement (i.e. – You’re a badass) and comments of indifference or shame (i.e. – Go sleep in a bed).

1:15 AM – A car pulls up and the headlights shine right through the drop-in hole. I think to myself, “Crap, just how noticeable is my tape job,” but figure I have my questions answered when I hear somebody getting out of the car and walking near me. They must have turned, though, because I heard the dorm door open, but the car was still running so I kept still at all times. Any pressure on the base of the bin would have caused it to erupt with noise, which would have been the end to my little adventure. By now I’m freaking out and texting Mike Zosel and Lindsey Goff, my RHMCs, with Mike telling me to stop whining and Lindsey giving me hope for survival. Thanks Mike.

1:25 AM – The door to the dorm opens as I hear a loud voice that says, “You got it covered?” and a response, “Yeah…” There was a pause after that last word said leading me to believe that I’ve been found and am indefinitely screwed. I lean up waiting for a head to pop in through the entrance, but then the voice speaks again, into a radio I suppose, saying that “Hill Hall is secure for the night, no worries.” The car then drove off allowing me to lay myself back down with a smile of victory. I was home free.

3:04 AM – I doze in and out of consciousness as I can’t seem to find a comfortable sleeping position and my iPod is whispering ambient tunes into my head. It surprises me that it’s 3 AM already, but then I get discouraged because it still smells like piss and I have multiple hours left until I’ve completed this endeavor. For those of you still oblivious as to why I’m doing this, let it be known that Josh McCoy gave me the idea and I was going to do this with Michael Frank, but things came up and it ended up being a solo mission. Initially, when this idea was made, I didn’t have a place to stay for the night, so the donations bin seemed perfect, but through acts of serendipity, I could have stayed in my apartment on this lovely night. This opportunity was a rare one, though, so I decided it was now or never, which ended up with me going through with it anyway. Not one of my better decisions… Anyway, it’s 3, and another car pulls up, followed by a couple more. Right now I’m so miserable that I don’t really care if they kick me out, but being caught by a whole gang of safety and security doesn’t sound exceptionally appealing considering how ridiculous the situation is. My mind starts to race as I wonder what’s possibly going on, but then a hear voices and the story goes something like this:

“Can I see your ID?”
“I don’t have one. I don’t have a driver’s license.”
“Well, can I see an identification card, then?”
“Yeah, here it is.”
“All right, let’s go…”

It was short and sweet, but extremely odd and discomforting? I have no idea what all happened, or why there were so many cars, but I suppose some random guy was walking around the lot and it wasn’t going to roll with SPU’s security. They all drove off and it had me worried if there was anybody else outside of the bin, but the thought shortly shifted to dream mode as Frou Frou began to sing melodious tunes once again.

4:28 AM – I’m still not asleep. Another car pulls through the lot, but doesn’t stop. I think safety and security do rounds every hour and a half because these times are in matching increments, but I could be wrong. By now I’ve decided to leave by 6:45 AM because I’ve had enough of this. Just two more hours…

5:10 AM – Garbage man comes. He’s really loud.

5:25 AM – Garbage man comes again. What the crap?

6:03 AM – I SLEPT FOR A SOLID FORTY MINUTES!!! I take this time to praise God for this relatively abundant amount of sleep.

6:43 AM – I begin to pack my crap and almost have it all situated and ready to go when I hear a car pull into the parking lot. I peer out to see somebody I hardly know just sitting in the car doing who knows what. I decide to wait it out for a couple minutes in the hopes that he leaves.

6:51 AM – He hasn’t left. I’m getting tired of squatting so I sit down and the bin clangs like none other, causing me to grimmace. Another guy walks up to the car and the two start chatting. Apparently they’ve never met before so it’s basic small talk, but I begin to get the idea that this is a rendezvous point. Oh dear.

6:55 AM – I’m sick of waiting, so I suck up my potential for embarrassment and gradually dump out my backpack, blanket, and shoes onto the concrete all the while imagining what’s going on through these guys’ heads. I mean, it’s 7 in the morning, you’re waiting for some people to show up to go somewhere, and a random guy crawls out of a clothing donations bin with the apparent necessities that blatantly gives away the fact that he slept there all night. I then shimmy my way out, put on my shoes without looking up, and walk over to the guys. One has a wretched look on his face while I say hello to the one I briefly know as he asks me questions of intrigue as to what’s going on. I simply tell him it was a long night and walk away.

7:00 AM – I’m walking through Tiffany Loop eagerly awaiting the shower that I oh so desperately deserve when the strangest thing happens. Two crows start dive bombing me, one after the other. On campus you hear stories of demon possessed crows attacking people, but I’ve never actually seen it happen. Just when I thought I was done for the morning, I was proven wrong as they incessantly squawk and continue to swoop down and torment me. By now I’m so sleep deprived that I’m actually smiling because of this ridiculously bizarre situation. I put the pillow over my head and ran away hoping that if I left the loop I would survive, but I was terribly wrong as they followed me past Crawford. With a flicker of hope I looked up to see First Free Methodist Church in the near distance, so I begin to run across the street, but am cut short by oncoming traffic. I retreat back to the sidewalk for a short second, and then run again as the power of God repels the demonic crows back to the hellish trees they live in.

7:07 AM – I get back to my apartment. 6 solid hours of apprehension nearly did me in, but I managed to survive with enough energy to take a shower and crawl into bed for the next couple hours. Yes.

So that was my night, world. I have to get up for work tomorrow at 6:30 or else I’d write more about why this evening was great, but for another time. Hopefully I’ll have more insight about life rather than silly stories to entertain you all with, but until then, I hope this hourly logged night suffices.

Oh, and read Luke 18:1-14. Especially verses 7, 8, and 14. So good.

And listen to Brightest from Copeland.



~ by Chris Kyle on June 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “Basement Ghost Singing”

  1. hahaha, i would never have known that so many people frequent hill’s parking lot in the dead of the night.

    glad you’re updating again!
    -sarah baggs

  2. Well it sounds like it was an adventure! To bad the other guy didn’t show up, I bet it would have been a lot more secure feeling with two people, but then, in such a small space it might have been very uncomfortable.

  3. Chris! I meant to sleep in the EMERSON clothing bin. I’m sure it is twice is big and has it’s own bathroom and moveable furniture…hahaha. You make me proud. Way to stick it out!

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